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Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Bad week ends with an Idea

Well, if I ever run out of gas I’ll be surprised.  I am modeling numerous amounts of office furniture mainly chairs for our architectural demo to a private company.  The team we are working with doesn’t care much for my team, although I have no power over this.  I put blame on our team organization mainly and the way we have teams and tasks divided up is not working.  I harped this for the first few weeks and that I’d gladly step up and take initiative to become a leader in this project.  Thing is our leader was elected by popular vote and I ran a close second place.  His communication with the other team he has stated as bad and I know his communication with the team he’s leading could be better.  If worse comes to worse I can easily animate all these chairs doing wacky things, make a chair game, where chairs have to kill other chairs to become the best.  Swivel chairs have mobility, flimsy chairs have flexibility, sturdy chairs will have neither of those 2 but do have durability.  Just an idea I guess. 

                  This last week has been an episode.  Started out with me getting over a cold, a weekend full of homework that I still wasn’t finished with yet, a flat tire on the car, computer is acting up like it’s not getting power half the time and that is just to name the start of the week.  Gladly I’m surviving it as it comes at me.  Maybe I am just dodging assignments luckily but most of what has been asked of me is completed.  I still need one power point for tonight.  Hopefully I’ll have a new tire on my car by tomorrow and pick up some extra hours at the library. 

                  My contest entry submission is due next week I got to kick myself to finish it, but I don’t have time to kick myself until t omorrow.  This is a subaverage life in america I think, we are forced to work harder and longer, and well some of us “americans” have more to show for it, some of the others just have plain bad luck and get sued or in frequent car accidents. 

                  That’s my rant for now, I’ll catch you all later if anybody even reads these let me know I’m getting dismotivated to post stuff. 


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