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Well not another big update today, just showing off of my pokemon/sackman.  first let's p ost Indiana Sacks and his progress, i still have yet to put other maps on here (and get the normal to work i used the wrong settings). 


Now introducing my hour of boredom last night, in the form of Magneton.  this electric pokemon is by far one of my favorite (design wise). 


and this is the most recent, you can kind of see the progression, still have details to add, want the most detailed magneton pokemon ever for some reason.  after, i'm thinking of making the other 2 evolutionary forms, in the first screenshot you can see that there is part of the magnamite form off to the right. 

there is detail in the eye, but it is hard to see here.  For higher rez images please visit my Imageshack account at

Well I have been meaning to update this blog in hopes of attracting more visitors (I really don't know the first thing about attracting visitors to blogs especially in the 3D community). Today i Update! in celebration i am going to drink a liter of vodka and go party and probably get laid tonight. In other news, I am becoming increasingly addicted to and their forums full of help and 3d "ness."

This is Indiana Sacks, for the (extremely late entry) in the game artisans mini challenges, this looked like fun, just did a diffuse for him so far normal, spec, glow etc, to come in a future update.

The cannon update, I updated the texture on the base ( still might change it more).

Updated the textures on the wheels (leaving it i am satisfied)

Still working out what to do for the cannon barrel and what color the hooks will end up being. After I get the cannon situated and happy with itself I am toying with the idea of modeling a pirate ship around the cannons.

Updates on other things:

Well I officially feel like i have been slacking off too much. But with my freedoms being robbed and all I guess i'm constrained to only get so much done at one time. Today has been the first day in a long time I got to sit down and enjoy modeling new stuff. From forging new ideas for games (I should really put together some concept documents for some of these ideas and no, i'm not sharing) to just having fun making 3D assets giving people good critiques and critisizm on forums. I must admit i do not visit often enough there is really a ton of useful information on that website from programming to art and asset creation.

Some lamps for you from

This is a p retty generic looking treasure chest, going to jazz this up later with a kick ass texture.

'The texture on the cannon is making me unhappy i think i am going to re-work the platform everything connects to re-model it and make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Cannon Animation

The Barrels from last week

I'm loving these cannons threw some color on the naval cannon and saw how it looked, i think i'd better unwrap it to make it look the best and/or re-model the naval cannon's wooden frame due to errors I see with the mesh. Chamfering loops didn't work for me this time. 

Below are my basic models/shapes for the staff of apocalypse i modeled and next to it you can see the "pre smoothed" model that the basic shape came from, threw a UVW cyl map on it during unwrap it turned out fine i just cannot seem to locate the texture for this one at the moment. 

Today I just worked on another quick update for the cannons of my life to punch through the barrier that is society into a 3d artist position somewhere at some company.  Recently focusing on more on attention to detail and everything else, I think; NO, I know I will make it in the Computer Graphics Society today.  Everything I have learned came together in my head a year or so ago and I am learning and harnessing new tools.  I’ve been learning both in 3D computer world and in real life. 


Here's the Cannon Update!

For the last couple days I have been modeling weird cannons out of boredom. I also started a couple 3D Sketchbook threads on a couple cg websites. The addresses are as fallen at the bottom of this post. 


If you were curious about what they looked like here it is. 

I'm finding out that my 2D skills are sadly under par. Either that or I just plain cannot concentrate whilst drawing. Either way I am keeping busy and finding new things to model and find passions in. I really find myself looking forward to the new starcraft 2 game coming out later this year. I am sadly disappointed that Blizzard announced that Starcraft II will not have a LAN (Local Area Network) option included with it. This leads me to believe that blizzard will put either a fee on the game (let's pray not) or they are sick of third party clients and trying to eliminate them by eliminating the options they utilize. Either way this makes me unsure of purchasing starcraft II. I'd rather go back to playing World of Warcraft!


As Promised here are your links.

Thinking about today in many ways, the way I just out of nowhere noticed that the Earthshaker Character in DOTA (Very successful custom map for Warcraft III), has the letter S or number 2 I can’t decide which it is and a smiley face on the little log he carries. Thinking about that it leads me to believe that blizzard artists threw in small details everywhere you can and cannot see. I’m going to start paying attention to the faces more and more I think as a result of this.

I have to admit DOTA is probably the best thing about Warcraft III. Just based on the fact that it’s spawned networks of attention, it’s a relatively simple game like Tetris built on a larger platform yes, but yet it’s so complex at the same time. In my personal and humble opinion viper and Necrolyte are vastly overpowered now because of Viper’s slow and Necrolyte’s ignorance to damage well I hate playing against them both. Viper gets vanguard early game it’s hard to deal with him he can double kill easily and possibly kill your whole team if you are terrible enough.

Well I am utilizing all of my free time to perfecct my demo reel.  working on some new models and really just keeping up with the speed of technology, as impressive or unimpressive as that may sound.  So other than that i am planning a trip to California later this year.  The most i can do otherwise is just work work work til then.  Add more lines to the resume and after that land the job of a lifetime in a failing economy.  Dream jobs consist of Blizzard, Pixar, and Google. I feel bad this is a short update but other than that I pledge to myself to update this blog more often.  Still have it set up in contribute so I will begin to utilize that and harness it's energy whatever it may be.  Chow I hope to hear from you later. 

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