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Thinking about today in many ways, the way I just out of nowhere noticed that the Earthshaker Character in DOTA (Very successful custom map for Warcraft III), has the letter S or number 2 I can’t decide which it is and a smiley face on the little log he carries. Thinking about that it leads me to believe that blizzard artists threw in small details everywhere you can and cannot see. I’m going to start paying attention to the faces more and more I think as a result of this.

I have to admit DOTA is probably the best thing about Warcraft III. Just based on the fact that it’s spawned networks of attention, it’s a relatively simple game like Tetris built on a larger platform yes, but yet it’s so complex at the same time. In my personal and humble opinion viper and Necrolyte are vastly overpowered now because of Viper’s slow and Necrolyte’s ignorance to damage well I hate playing against them both. Viper gets vanguard early game it’s hard to deal with him he can double kill easily and possibly kill your whole team if you are terrible enough.

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