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At the start of this adventure a warlock named Putrid Stein imprisons me and three others in a tomb. This tomb has a noxious gas that puts any being inside of it asleep in a very effective method.

First off I would like to state before I continue this was a dream I had, when I woke up I remembered it and well, it was fucking awesome I don't care if you don't like it.

Life is a giant adventure, for me and others this is a good thing as long as those experiencing it can learn from it; I have had dreams that predict the future before.

With that being said, this quest starts out awaking from the tomb to be introduced into a mirror maze. The maze must have been at least a football field's length and width before I reached the end, I encountered the people: Lance Spicher, John Moga, J.T. Dalton, Kelsey Ward, Michelle Schroeder-Lancelle, Darcie Martin, Ruthie Hetchler, Jeff Pyle, Jade Klanderud, Munky Pyle, and many others that I was not even familiar with (I think one was a Megan girl that smoked a dime of weed at my house when we were all younger and she went to the hospital afterwards for it).

After the mirror Maze and trivial challenges that were provided to me, I came upon a Great Slide! This slide was enormous by any scale. It's like the big yellow wavy slides you encounter at small amusement festivals for kids, but this one was gigantic. This slide also had houses attached to it. This slide and the houses really reminded me of the Beetle juice series and seemed like the residents that lived here used the slide as transportation, to and from work, but I am unsure how they got back, it was very steep and yellow. I took the plummet down, as I went down I heard a scream to my left, it was Kelsey Ward. I noticed her hands were bound and a guy by the name of Travis (I forget his last name)(but he was a child rapist) standing over her bound hands, she shrieked and was trying to escape, I yelled to her and tried to stop myself and climb back up but could not :( sorry Kelsey

I focused on the right half of the slide I was able to grab on to the edge near the entrance to a house on this house Kari Rud was bound by the wrists hanging with a male figure standing over her. This male was of African descent and a little bigger than I. I outsmarted him in the house, grabbed a fire axe and lured him around a corner. As he came around the corner I swung with all my might, decapitating his hands at the wrists. I went back to Kari and unbound her, after these events unfolded she grabbed on to me and we went down the slide some more.

There were others in the houses I passed on the slide. But I could not help them, it was as if I had made my choice with Kari Rud and that was the only choice I got, I attribute this to marriage or a soul mate type thing, when you find the right one you cannot have an additional significant other.

At the bottom of the slide there was a chess game going on. The White Rabbit departed upon my arrival with Kari, Kari sat on the sidelines and watched attentively. This time there were friends and people I know trapped within the king and queen on the white side, I was playing the black side and did not see anybody entrapped within the black pieces. Alyssa Brletich and Kiki Snell were held in the Queen and the King pieces on the white side. I will not express the details of how this game went and frankly it is hard for me to remember (as it is a dream and this is chess) towards the end of the game I was MEANT to lose, but Kari on the sidelines flashed the black pieces and they made a wrong move, I expressed my gratitude "Thank you Kari" as all of the pieces shattered apart on the white side Kiki and Alyssa were freed from their oversized glass prison. Both Alyssa and Kiki run up and give me a hug for saving their souls and/or lives, Kari comes up and asks who they are. Alyssa runs off to find her parents in this post apocalyptic paradox of a dream I had and Kiki joins me and Kari

Kari, Kiki and I walk through what appears to be a Car recycling area, after a few days of walking we come upon a racetrack that appears like NASCAR and I think to myself great this is going to be a bunch of left turns. There are other Racers here like Dan Gudbjartson, and Joey Miller. The cars available for me to choose from were, a Pagani Zonda R, a tricked out Chevorlet Camaro 2009 style body, Ford GT, the Ferrari Indy car, and a Subaru WRX STI. I am unsure how I arrived at the decision but I chose the ford GT (I think because it always intrigued me how similar it looks to the cockpit of a space shuttle). At this point Kari gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she would be fine. Kiki got in the passenger seat and I in the driver seat. After a second glance though this didn't look like the driving area of a ford GT it really started to resemble a space shuttle. We started the race, and the NASCAR Track was dynamically changing into a way more complex track. The road hopped off of the ground and went outside of the stadium, at this point I was thinking I should have picked the Zonda due to the increased down-force it generates. Kiki cuddled up next to me and was looking extremely beautiful, She looked like the girl from NCIS, but her eyes glimmered with an almost elvish style sparkle to them her smile was the most beautiful ever it looked like the stars at night in a non-light polluted sky glimmering at you like the existence of others from billions of light years away. I usually would compare her smile to Kelsey ward (rest in peace from earlier in the dream) but she was more akin to Harlequin a sharp sensitive smile that also induces the thought of mischief and seduction. Her perfect curves on her body reflecting light ever so carefully. Kiki had an aura of pixi-dust around her that is more akin to tinker bell performing her magic wherever she walks. As the track looped and leaped over terrain obstacles such as the arch down in Louisiana and mountains. I don't remember the end of the race, but towards the end Kiki was cuddled up next to me and I'm assuming I didn't die along the way so we stepped out of the car and onto a remodeled party bus.

This party bus had my friend Adam Arnold on it. This bus was refurbished it looked like to survive the apocalypse. It was reminiscent to that of the bus in Resident Evil Extinction on the outside armored and with spikes on the tires, although the tires were greater in number to total about 24. Jeff Pyle was there, Pops was there and A.J. aka Schmallz was there. We were all sitting there as Kiki and I were explaining the adventure and she mentioned how she got trapped within the chess piece of the queen.

She said that she was tricked, I am unsure by whom, as she lay down and rested her head in my lap Adam came through with a bong load and we all hit it except Kiki. At the second time around this bong I said I was good, I think because I did not want Kiki to think ill of me at the end of this adventure. I remember seeing her upper lip as she laid her head down and noticed it looked like lipstick on the inside of her mouth also, it was hot in its own way.

There was a knock on the door, it was Donovan Higgins, and he came on the bus, looked very uncomfortable. Donovan asked for some product from Adam, and went back to his car (I’m assuming docked outside the moving bus) Adam went to go fulfill his wishes and came back shortly after. Adam stated that he threw Donny off the moving bus because of him being a douche bag or something to the liking.

Kiki and I cuddled up, down on the couch on the driver's side of the vehicle, Schmallz fell asleep sitting upright, and Adam was practicing his yoga on his famed yoga mat. And that is the end of the dream

Ok, I have been out of touch with a lot of stuff lately.  First off My apologies, I know nobody reads this blog and hence I feel I have no reason to update it but then again it’s kind of fun from time to time, I have made content recently that has inspired me to update the world on my boring life. 

First off about me

  • I moved to Minneapolis from Apple Valley, it was fun, and it’s semi-descent up here but more competition for jobs.  Cool story happened, daughter and father were caught drinking in a parking lot nearby where I am now
  • Dreaming of my dream job at Blizzard Entertainment located in Irvine California, working towards that goal slow but sure trying to get lines on my resume which leads me to number 3
  • Joined a dev team where the #1 priority is keeping everybody on board and to be honest I think 2-3 people are doing all the work and the rest of the group is dead weight that could easily be left behind if this were a zombie apocalypse. 
  • Getting contracted to make a website for a friend, need required documentation to start the layout though and haven’t received any yet
  • Probably the best news, I have joined a gaming community that claims to be the largest in the world and well stretches across a bunch of games.  I found these cool custom made gloves that go with the Noob Galore group.  These inspired me to make a knife texture or skin to go with it and match it up.  You can find the knife texture here


Other than that here is some cool stuff to hopefully attract readers or watchers to my clog on the internet (yes I spelled it clog because it’s a crappy blog). 

Hottest Pikachu in the world

Epic Beard Man Video 1

Epic Beard Man Video 2

This is better than all of the crappy superbowl commercials put together this year:

Favorite Music Video of the Month (it reminds me of the cool wierd stuff bjork used to do):

I also have to give a shoutout for innovation to I have seen some really cool pics come from there and tried it briefly the other day truely innovative for a chat program and well kinda fun minus all the pedophiles nexting people with their dick's hanging out. 

That is all for now enjoy and I'll be back with another post shortly.  I will post my postmortem for the game dev group up on here and what I think went wrong and what could have been handled better.  Also I have some dreams I recorded down in as much detail as I could. 

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