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Ok, I have been out of touch with a lot of stuff lately.  First off My apologies, I know nobody reads this blog and hence I feel I have no reason to update it but then again it’s kind of fun from time to time, I have made content recently that has inspired me to update the world on my boring life. 

First off about me

  • I moved to Minneapolis from Apple Valley, it was fun, and it’s semi-descent up here but more competition for jobs.  Cool story happened, daughter and father were caught drinking in a parking lot nearby where I am now
  • Dreaming of my dream job at Blizzard Entertainment located in Irvine California, working towards that goal slow but sure trying to get lines on my resume which leads me to number 3
  • Joined a dev team where the #1 priority is keeping everybody on board and to be honest I think 2-3 people are doing all the work and the rest of the group is dead weight that could easily be left behind if this were a zombie apocalypse. 
  • Getting contracted to make a website for a friend, need required documentation to start the layout though and haven’t received any yet
  • Probably the best news, I have joined a gaming community that claims to be the largest in the world and well stretches across a bunch of games.  I found these cool custom made gloves that go with the Noob Galore group.  These inspired me to make a knife texture or skin to go with it and match it up.  You can find the knife texture here


Other than that here is some cool stuff to hopefully attract readers or watchers to my clog on the internet (yes I spelled it clog because it’s a crappy blog). 

Hottest Pikachu in the world

Epic Beard Man Video 1

Epic Beard Man Video 2

This is better than all of the crappy superbowl commercials put together this year:

Favorite Music Video of the Month (it reminds me of the cool wierd stuff bjork used to do):

I also have to give a shoutout for innovation to I have seen some really cool pics come from there and tried it briefly the other day truely innovative for a chat program and well kinda fun minus all the pedophiles nexting people with their dick's hanging out. 

That is all for now enjoy and I'll be back with another post shortly.  I will post my postmortem for the game dev group up on here and what I think went wrong and what could have been handled better.  Also I have some dreams I recorded down in as much detail as I could. 

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