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I recently saw two things in the news this morning that made me want to blog.  I apologize for not keeping up to date recently but this is a doosey (if that's how you spell that made up word). 

First off let's talk about imaginary lines, or real lines that should not be crossed.  If I were to see a car accident and be the first one to witness it as if it happened right in front of me, I would at least call emergency services to respond to the incident.  That being said would I also cross a line if I just kept going? Or pointed and laughed and kept driving?

San Francisco, up to 20 people witnessed a gang rape of a 15 year old girl in a dimly lit area she was being raped by students from the age of 15 to adults in their mid twenties (which makes me sick unless she herself was drunk enough to confess to it then the twenty year olds still should have backed off or at least I would... that's somebody's little girl/daughter). has the full story also MSNBC, I just respect current more.  I seriously think the by standards that didn't notify law enforcement should be punished, or at least told what they were really looking at if they were not aware of the situation. 

In other news, I witnessed a clip from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 here it is, if it is taken down it may be taken down forever.  The video depicts terrorists taking over and shooting up civilians in an airport.  With all of the 9/11 controversy this is definitely crossing a line if it were to happen IRL(in real life)

I thought this video wasn't all bad, as long as the people can tell the difference between the video game and reality... I would  hate to see some crazed out Iraqi or Vietnam war vet play this and get flashbacks, then go crazy and kill their family, yes, but also most people can tell the difference between digital violence and physical violence.  with that being said the UFC game for Xbox 360 is awesome and really is no worse than this if the subject (player) cannot tell the difference between reality and virtual reality. 

I sincerely hope that Inifinity Ward does not receive too much negative feedback about this.  In all reality the U.S. army will probably use these simulation styles to protect our airports better than what they currently are today, or maybe inspire new architectural advances. 


its a interesting post, i m awaiting for the next post

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