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   Greetings! I feel like I'm not posting enough but I'm content with the current rate I'm working at! I am going to be doing my secret shopper thing later this week.  Let's start with the important stuff!

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   My new piece of art, i have 4 more grenades coming shortly. While working on this piece I came up with my next idea for a tutorial or explanation, I will be preparing (not sure when I'll post it) a tutorial on everything from Scene States, Grouping Objects, Cameras, Layers and performing Batch Rendering in 3ds max. When rendering out the shots for the grenade above I performed a batch render, it's really easy. 

   Well I am losing my mind listening to "under the Sea" from the little mermaid for some reason lost my train of thought. 

   Interesting news I heard, I read on Kotaku that Fans of football teams (rugby for anybody not in America) are suing Game Developer Giant Electronic Arts for being placed in the most recent Madden game.  I hate to think it but the designers probably wanted to add some overenthusiastic fans, and well, get sued as a result.  Here is a link to the full story

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