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Sorry about not updating for a couple days, my computer caught the BestFriendVirus that happens to be like aids and you can't get rid of it (at least this is what Google told me) unless you reformat and start over from scratch.  I wouldn't feel content without posting in contribute like I normally do! With that being said, there's some big news in my world. 

Dota refiner Icefrog has achieved a position at Valve Software and now has a team to help him (I'm assuming) recreate a Dota like game with Valve software engineers at his disposal! That's great news and I'm extremely happy for him.  I'd hope that it doesn't get entangled in the IP that Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzivision or Actiblizzard (Activision Blizzard is stupid I think for a name splice) currently has market share on. The excellent custom map was created and refined by generations of programmers.  Almost everybody that plays Dota loves it and really it is the best part of Warcraft III for a great number of users.  I hope it goes smoothly for Icefrog and his Valve Software team. 

I would also like to give props for this picture

Console war? by *Mikeinel on deviantART

I thought it was an awesome pic I wished there was a representation of the Wii, but then again it is in it's own category some could say. 

With that done here is my personal update (I started the tutorial I mentioned earlier, coming in a future post). 

G1 Gernade WIP by ~Gephoria on deviantART 

G125 Grenades by ~Gephoria on deviantART

Have fun til next time!

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