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title says it all i like the way this web design look turned out more than the previous.  I am back to modeling and coding more stuff contemplating a new unreal or source level, tell you what since I cannot decide Email me and let me know what engine YOU would like to see. 

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks, car impounded, lost job, all of this happened but I still remain positive on my outlook at life.  The new website design I am implementing for is almost live, need a few more downloads and other things to put on there before ic an upload it and feel 100% better about this site than the last.  Adding more content you will see the cannons and poket monsters that I redesigned a little bit.  that's it for now sorry to keep you all hangin by a thread but you know what you know and everybody seems to get by knowing that. 

Also uploaded video to youtube.  check it out. 

Just a short update b ecause i haven't done one in a while.  i am preparing for my move to california.  With that comes the new responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead of me in my path i call life.  I am going to self motivate myself the best way i know how.  I found out i am not leaving the people i have been helping survive these tough economic times behind in a bad situation either so My leash is about to be cut and I am going to take the world by storm. 

I feel it coming, You'll feel the Wrath of Brent!

in all honesty lately i've been busy doing one of the following:
1. Reformatting Computer/Reinstalling Software
2. hooking up A/V Equipment for friends with new stuff
3. organizing files on computer
4. making new content as well as new website design that i like a little more than my older one that is still currently up at

More updates coming soon! I promise!

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