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Just a short update b ecause i haven't done one in a while.  i am preparing for my move to california.  With that comes the new responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead of me in my path i call life.  I am going to self motivate myself the best way i know how.  I found out i am not leaving the people i have been helping survive these tough economic times behind in a bad situation either so My leash is about to be cut and I am going to take the world by storm. 

I feel it coming, You'll feel the Wrath of Brent!

in all honesty lately i've been busy doing one of the following:
1. Reformatting Computer/Reinstalling Software
2. hooking up A/V Equipment for friends with new stuff
3. organizing files on computer
4. making new content as well as new website design that i like a little more than my older one that is still currently up at

More updates coming soon! I promise!

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