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Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Bad week ends with an Idea

Well, if I ever run out of gas I’ll be surprised.  I am modeling numerous amounts of office furniture mainly chairs for our architectural demo to a private company.  The team we are working with doesn’t care much for my team, although I have no power over this.  I put blame on our team organization mainly and the way we have teams and tasks divided up is not working.  I harped this for the first few weeks and that I’d gladly step up and take initiative to become a leader in this project.  Thing is our leader was elected by popular vote and I ran a close second place.  His communication with the other team he has stated as bad and I know his communication with the team he’s leading could be better.  If worse comes to worse I can easily animate all these chairs doing wacky things, make a chair game, where chairs have to kill other chairs to become the best.  Swivel chairs have mobility, flimsy chairs have flexibility, sturdy chairs will have neither of those 2 but do have durability.  Just an idea I guess. 

                  This last week has been an episode.  Started out with me getting over a cold, a weekend full of homework that I still wasn’t finished with yet, a flat tire on the car, computer is acting up like it’s not getting power half the time and that is just to name the start of the week.  Gladly I’m surviving it as it comes at me.  Maybe I am just dodging assignments luckily but most of what has been asked of me is completed.  I still need one power point for tonight.  Hopefully I’ll have a new tire on my car by tomorrow and pick up some extra hours at the library. 

                  My contest entry submission is due next week I got to kick myself to finish it, but I don’t have time to kick myself until t omorrow.  This is a subaverage life in america I think, we are forced to work harder and longer, and well some of us “americans” have more to show for it, some of the others just have plain bad luck and get sued or in frequent car accidents. 

                  That’s my rant for now, I’ll catch you all later if anybody even reads these let me know I’m getting dismotivated to post stuff. 


Brent Jorgenson wrote:


                  I’ve never seen depressed game design students, well I lie.  I have seen depressed students but that’s because they take what was fun and make it into “work” when they do this they rob themselves of any pleasure they derived from it.  Most of us I notice alter ourselves to see the work as fun, and hell I gotta vouch for that making a level that you watch other’s have fun on later is a blast.  Today there were 3 students that came up and checked out the Attack Sub Borad game, given I haven’t played the game it looks intuitive and fun.  Yet these guys grabbed the game from me and the expression on their faces dictated the shortcoming end of the world.  How can you be depressed playing a game?  We’re in school to do 2 things, learn and have fun although some excel at having fun more than learning and usually end up staying longer, well more power to them and the parties they throw some of them are spectacular, great, and even unforgettable.  Having an underaged keggar at a beach house with a 3rd story balcony overlooking Lake Minnetonka is a fun place to be.  A trash can full of vodka and kool-aid to fund the party’s drunkeness beside the 4 kegs of non domestic beer.  Of coarse there were the people that dabbled beyond alcohol that were smoking and doing whatever else on the second floor.  Nobody really cared unless something bad happened then everybody helped resolve the problem and the party lived on.  No police just complete self-regulation that was handled extremely well by the juviniles and young adults at the party in an extremely good fashion.  Opposed to the violent killers that the media says invoke rage and frustration in our youth in this great nation. 

                  I’ve learned in the past couple days how biased the news can really be and how the general populous’ thoughts on that subject result in an opposing view to the news stations.  Fox news in general, I have to ask myself is it really news?  Eating at my favorite pizza place thismorning they were reporting on if what time an individual went to sleep if it affected his calorie intake for the next day.  This isn’t news this is trying to find retarded links between controlled variables in everyday life.  If the creators of South Park did a remake of their “Family Guy” series, instead used Fox News, I feel the fox network would lose a lot of its viewers.  They say one thing that they think is right like the Virginia tech student having relations with al queda.  I LOL’d in real life when I heard that during the day of the shooting.   I am led to believe that the government controls fox news, high level execs issue the orders for regulations and policies on the network, I’ve heard some crooked stories on fox’s half from former reporters from there.  How stupid is America, judge by the people who believe everything they see on TV, sometimes what is read in the paper is truthfully false.  We as human beings are better than that but we continue with the structure of our economy, the many seperating factors among people such as class, wealth, status, location, and personal limitations that we fail to connect with one another on a level that used to be common.  A simple hello on the side of the street to the passing individual, instead we are lured into situations where if we tell the truth it can land us in deep shit right away, otherwise it could just be slowly sinking shit that might not smell bad at first.  We lie to keep our status if we fuck up, but we tell the truth only to get ahead.  This is not the philosophy I raised myself upon; this isn’t my philosophy but merely a belief by observation. 


First off I regret to inform everybody that my phone is off so you may not be able to get a hold of me or track me down

First off I regret to inform everybody that my phone is off so you may not be able to get a hold of me or track me down. I will be in the internet. Compareable to god, the internet is always around you, always watching, and it could write a naughty/nice list better than santa could. So if you need to contact me, I’ll be online, you know how to contact me if you know me J.

I have to admit this week is busy, between finding medicine for my friend’s dad who’s home sick. To moving to apple valley, getting my resume done in one day for a professional evaluation. On top of that trying to make progress on my classes group project as well as my personal image submission to the uplift universe contest.

I haven’t made much more progress on that image, I downloaded Softimage XSI to go with it thinking I would use that for the contest but in fact I’m using 3ds max. I find softimage XSI to be an awesome program I love it in ways I could never love max. Besides that I’m getting my website up and running…

Ok you want proof?

HAH! I got a domain!

Not like any other Brent Jorgenson’s care about having their own, I’m just the lucky one that got to it first before everybody else. I feel sorry for people named Tony Johnson or Mike Hunt.

Faccebook now has a chat feature! So everybody can annoy/communicate with each other easily. It’s about time they added a chat feature to that website it’s been long past due. Millions of people networking, need chat. Props @ the new owners of that website I guess.

Yahtzee reviewed Super Smash Bros Brawl today. I love his reviews he lays it straight the way it’s meant to be said, it’s like telling a kid that you’ll hate christmas when you grow up because you don’t have any fun after the age of 22. It breaks hearts but prepares them for the incoming onslaught inside their wallets, even though the kids may not own any wallets yet.

Well it’s been fun, I have to get to work on periodicals, nothin good in today’s new 3D world or at least no tutorials that caught my eye. 50 Tips for VFX artists though.

Brent Jorgenson wrote:


Brent Jorgenson
Bi-Weekly Article Submission

                  I chose to read this article today because of the mention of college students.  As we are where I’m from we’re usually stereotyped as broke, yet happy people that always have parties and hundreds of friends at any given moment.  As they are in china though is usually seen in their public eye as a different sect of society almost.  The way that “The student” protested in Tiananmen Square, it was a worldwide thing and I really noticed something about it.  Here in America we have a democracy witch is a choice between 2 people to represent us.  China has a communist government.  China portrays victims of voilence as Chinese students.  In America we pronounce them by name or by school.   This really sparks my curiosity on what students in other parts of the world experience in school and how different schooling is. 


Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Today I read an article about a 13 year old girl that helped save lives ina congo plane crash

Today I read an article about a 13 year old girl that helped save lives ina  congo plane crash.  The weird thing about this was on digg every other user was turning it into a religious battle trying to prove or disprove the theoretical being known only as god.  I don’t wanna sound hypocritical here but honestly people live and people die that alone can prove or disprove gods existance.  On one hand it’s wrong to prove that there isn’t a god because half of the world will collapse in on itself thinking there is no higher power.  On the other hand it would most certainly launch the human race as a whole into a better era one where people work together to better society other than bicker about if there is or isn’t a god. 

In school we are working on a architectural project it looks like for our project 3 class.  I dare not go into more detail.  Need to come up with 3 logos and get my webspace reserved for my domain name.  I’m hoping to get a thing but if it doesn’t work I’ll find something.  Need to create a business card soon also after one of my logos gets approved I’m pretty proud of all three I produced.  I like using my hometown’s colors they always stuck with me as they may have with some of my readers.  Red White and black go Lakeville Panthers!


                  My progress on my Uplift Universe Contest has gone farther spent all of my free time last night working on it to make it better.  I created a tunign fork for the technology side of the environment and a tiki torch that has to be textured still for the primitive side.  I really like the progress and know that when I get the foliage in there and the lighting right it’s going to be magnificent.  The UFO turned out kind of cartoony looking because of the texturing method I used on it.  Overall I’m just excited to see where I match up against the other 2400 entries in the contest. 

                  Anywho I’ll be going now got a lot of stuff to do this weekend, moving, fixing car, raiding in wow maybe if I have free time, and working on my stuff I love so much.  I’ll catch you all later take it easy.


Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Last night was interesting

Last night was interesting, the brakes on my ride are terrible I hate driving it, can’t wait til this weekend when I can get them fixed.  In career development we started getting our domain names and our logos / business cards made up for the world to see I’ll show my designs on that later.  We had to self analyze our top 5 strengths and weaknesses.  I have to say I think it’s bullshit to self analyze yourself based on a time schedule.  Nothing exciting here in my life right now except my work I find exciting (if you don’t like looking @ art(unfinished game art) u can go elsewhere now ). 

                  The uplift Universe contest I entered I started receiving posotive critiques on my concept boxed out level.  Putting it together 2 days in the making now and this is what it looks like so far. 

I’m finding it challenging to play with the terrain where the camera angle is set up right now but it’s a fun challenge.  For those that don’t know what the idea behind this concept is it’s that the UFO or IFO in this case is bringing new technology and revolutionize wherever they go, they are the knowledge givers of the universe and come to this desolate yet naturally beautiful place for a reason that we do not understand.  Anyways the terrain right now isn’t finished by no means, and the textures altogether on the blocks is going to be reworked.  The sky isn’t final yet but I thought it’d look cool like that but I’m growing to decide more towards a earthly look to the sky now. 

Any critiques or critisizm’s I’d love to hear thanks for reading mah blog.


Ok so apparently Contribute and Blogger don't get along, despite there being a "Blogger" option built in to contribute... i had so much more expectations  well let's see if this post works.

I figure it is time for me to start blogging. growing up in the technology era i'm suprised that i held off doing this for as long as i did. Livejournal/Deadjournal i see on a equal level to a "blog" but still the same.
Anywho, My name is Brent, I'm an Only child with no parents from Lakeville, MN. I have aspired to be a better person ever since my mother died in 2005. I have since that event realised my dreams and have accomplished many steps in order to make them come true. The way that the world turns and makes me get older gives me a descent time limit for this. I see life a sa overextended sometimes unfair game. Politics and government i also see as a "game" because of the way the users interact with it. The bush administration is a very good example of a political game. Tell the people something they can't argue with "Terror" "Terrorists" "Nine-Eleven." As long as nobody can disprove bush he can keep his own agenda secret I'd imagine.
On the note of accomplishments I have successfully held down my school and employment for about 3 years now. I am goign to school for Video game Design and Development at Brown College in Minnesota. With hopes of working at Blizzard Entertainment someday, or Pixar or Dreamworks. those three companies inspired my childhood and many of yours or your children's. The magic that disney/pixar/dreamworks produces is different from the magic that blizzard sells but still it's all magic and whatever you experience i have a strong belief that the individual learns from experiencing.
That's it for now, i'll post my life story later.

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