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I figure it is time for me to start blogging. growing up in the technology era i'm suprised that i held off doing this for as long as i did. Livejournal/Deadjournal i see on a equal level to a "blog" but still the same.
Anywho, My name is Brent, I'm an Only child with no parents from Lakeville, MN. I have aspired to be a better person ever since my mother died in 2005. I have since that event realised my dreams and have accomplished many steps in order to make them come true. The way that the world turns and makes me get older gives me a descent time limit for this. I see life a sa overextended sometimes unfair game. Politics and government i also see as a "game" because of the way the users interact with it. The bush administration is a very good example of a political game. Tell the people something they can't argue with "Terror" "Terrorists" "Nine-Eleven." As long as nobody can disprove bush he can keep his own agenda secret I'd imagine.
On the note of accomplishments I have successfully held down my school and employment for about 3 years now. I am goign to school for Video game Design and Development at Brown College in Minnesota. With hopes of working at Blizzard Entertainment someday, or Pixar or Dreamworks. those three companies inspired my childhood and many of yours or your children's. The magic that disney/pixar/dreamworks produces is different from the magic that blizzard sells but still it's all magic and whatever you experience i have a strong belief that the individual learns from experiencing.
That's it for now, i'll post my life story later.

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