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Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Today I read an article about a 13 year old girl that helped save lives ina congo plane crash

Today I read an article about a 13 year old girl that helped save lives ina  congo plane crash.  The weird thing about this was on digg every other user was turning it into a religious battle trying to prove or disprove the theoretical being known only as god.  I don’t wanna sound hypocritical here but honestly people live and people die that alone can prove or disprove gods existance.  On one hand it’s wrong to prove that there isn’t a god because half of the world will collapse in on itself thinking there is no higher power.  On the other hand it would most certainly launch the human race as a whole into a better era one where people work together to better society other than bicker about if there is or isn’t a god. 

In school we are working on a architectural project it looks like for our project 3 class.  I dare not go into more detail.  Need to come up with 3 logos and get my webspace reserved for my domain name.  I’m hoping to get a thing but if it doesn’t work I’ll find something.  Need to create a business card soon also after one of my logos gets approved I’m pretty proud of all three I produced.  I like using my hometown’s colors they always stuck with me as they may have with some of my readers.  Red White and black go Lakeville Panthers!


                  My progress on my Uplift Universe Contest has gone farther spent all of my free time last night working on it to make it better.  I created a tunign fork for the technology side of the environment and a tiki torch that has to be textured still for the primitive side.  I really like the progress and know that when I get the foliage in there and the lighting right it’s going to be magnificent.  The UFO turned out kind of cartoony looking because of the texturing method I used on it.  Overall I’m just excited to see where I match up against the other 2400 entries in the contest. 

                  Anywho I’ll be going now got a lot of stuff to do this weekend, moving, fixing car, raiding in wow maybe if I have free time, and working on my stuff I love so much.  I’ll catch you all later take it easy.



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