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                  I’ve never seen depressed game design students, well I lie.  I have seen depressed students but that’s because they take what was fun and make it into “work” when they do this they rob themselves of any pleasure they derived from it.  Most of us I notice alter ourselves to see the work as fun, and hell I gotta vouch for that making a level that you watch other’s have fun on later is a blast.  Today there were 3 students that came up and checked out the Attack Sub Borad game, given I haven’t played the game it looks intuitive and fun.  Yet these guys grabbed the game from me and the expression on their faces dictated the shortcoming end of the world.  How can you be depressed playing a game?  We’re in school to do 2 things, learn and have fun although some excel at having fun more than learning and usually end up staying longer, well more power to them and the parties they throw some of them are spectacular, great, and even unforgettable.  Having an underaged keggar at a beach house with a 3rd story balcony overlooking Lake Minnetonka is a fun place to be.  A trash can full of vodka and kool-aid to fund the party’s drunkeness beside the 4 kegs of non domestic beer.  Of coarse there were the people that dabbled beyond alcohol that were smoking and doing whatever else on the second floor.  Nobody really cared unless something bad happened then everybody helped resolve the problem and the party lived on.  No police just complete self-regulation that was handled extremely well by the juviniles and young adults at the party in an extremely good fashion.  Opposed to the violent killers that the media says invoke rage and frustration in our youth in this great nation. 

                  I’ve learned in the past couple days how biased the news can really be and how the general populous’ thoughts on that subject result in an opposing view to the news stations.  Fox news in general, I have to ask myself is it really news?  Eating at my favorite pizza place thismorning they were reporting on if what time an individual went to sleep if it affected his calorie intake for the next day.  This isn’t news this is trying to find retarded links between controlled variables in everyday life.  If the creators of South Park did a remake of their “Family Guy” series, instead used Fox News, I feel the fox network would lose a lot of its viewers.  They say one thing that they think is right like the Virginia tech student having relations with al queda.  I LOL’d in real life when I heard that during the day of the shooting.   I am led to believe that the government controls fox news, high level execs issue the orders for regulations and policies on the network, I’ve heard some crooked stories on fox’s half from former reporters from there.  How stupid is America, judge by the people who believe everything they see on TV, sometimes what is read in the paper is truthfully false.  We as human beings are better than that but we continue with the structure of our economy, the many seperating factors among people such as class, wealth, status, location, and personal limitations that we fail to connect with one another on a level that used to be common.  A simple hello on the side of the street to the passing individual, instead we are lured into situations where if we tell the truth it can land us in deep shit right away, otherwise it could just be slowly sinking shit that might not smell bad at first.  We lie to keep our status if we fuck up, but we tell the truth only to get ahead.  This is not the philosophy I raised myself upon; this isn’t my philosophy but merely a belief by observation. 



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