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Brent Jorgenson wrote:

Last night was interesting

Last night was interesting, the brakes on my ride are terrible I hate driving it, can’t wait til this weekend when I can get them fixed.  In career development we started getting our domain names and our logos / business cards made up for the world to see I’ll show my designs on that later.  We had to self analyze our top 5 strengths and weaknesses.  I have to say I think it’s bullshit to self analyze yourself based on a time schedule.  Nothing exciting here in my life right now except my work I find exciting (if you don’t like looking @ art(unfinished game art) u can go elsewhere now ). 

                  The uplift Universe contest I entered I started receiving posotive critiques on my concept boxed out level.  Putting it together 2 days in the making now and this is what it looks like so far. 

I’m finding it challenging to play with the terrain where the camera angle is set up right now but it’s a fun challenge.  For those that don’t know what the idea behind this concept is it’s that the UFO or IFO in this case is bringing new technology and revolutionize wherever they go, they are the knowledge givers of the universe and come to this desolate yet naturally beautiful place for a reason that we do not understand.  Anyways the terrain right now isn’t finished by no means, and the textures altogether on the blocks is going to be reworked.  The sky isn’t final yet but I thought it’d look cool like that but I’m growing to decide more towards a earthly look to the sky now. 

Any critiques or critisizm’s I’d love to hear thanks for reading mah blog.



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