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First off I regret to inform everybody that my phone is off so you may not be able to get a hold of me or track me down

First off I regret to inform everybody that my phone is off so you may not be able to get a hold of me or track me down. I will be in the internet. Compareable to god, the internet is always around you, always watching, and it could write a naughty/nice list better than santa could. So if you need to contact me, I’ll be online, you know how to contact me if you know me J.

I have to admit this week is busy, between finding medicine for my friend’s dad who’s home sick. To moving to apple valley, getting my resume done in one day for a professional evaluation. On top of that trying to make progress on my classes group project as well as my personal image submission to the uplift universe contest.

I haven’t made much more progress on that image, I downloaded Softimage XSI to go with it thinking I would use that for the contest but in fact I’m using 3ds max. I find softimage XSI to be an awesome program I love it in ways I could never love max. Besides that I’m getting my website up and running…

Ok you want proof?

HAH! I got a domain!

Not like any other Brent Jorgenson’s care about having their own, I’m just the lucky one that got to it first before everybody else. I feel sorry for people named Tony Johnson or Mike Hunt.

Faccebook now has a chat feature! So everybody can annoy/communicate with each other easily. It’s about time they added a chat feature to that website it’s been long past due. Millions of people networking, need chat. Props @ the new owners of that website I guess.

Yahtzee reviewed Super Smash Bros Brawl today. I love his reviews he lays it straight the way it’s meant to be said, it’s like telling a kid that you’ll hate christmas when you grow up because you don’t have any fun after the age of 22. It breaks hearts but prepares them for the incoming onslaught inside their wallets, even though the kids may not own any wallets yet.

Well it’s been fun, I have to get to work on periodicals, nothin good in today’s new 3D world or at least no tutorials that caught my eye. 50 Tips for VFX artists though.

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