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Well not another big update today, just showing off of my pokemon/sackman.  first let's p ost Indiana Sacks and his progress, i still have yet to put other maps on here (and get the normal to work i used the wrong settings). 


Now introducing my hour of boredom last night, in the form of Magneton.  this electric pokemon is by far one of my favorite (design wise). 


and this is the most recent, you can kind of see the progression, still have details to add, want the most detailed magneton pokemon ever for some reason.  after, i'm thinking of making the other 2 evolutionary forms, in the first screenshot you can see that there is part of the magnamite form off to the right. 

there is detail in the eye, but it is hard to see here.  For higher rez images please visit my Imageshack account at

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