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For the last couple days I have been modeling weird cannons out of boredom. I also started a couple 3D Sketchbook threads on a couple cg websites. The addresses are as fallen at the bottom of this post. 


If you were curious about what they looked like here it is. 

I'm finding out that my 2D skills are sadly under par. Either that or I just plain cannot concentrate whilst drawing. Either way I am keeping busy and finding new things to model and find passions in. I really find myself looking forward to the new starcraft 2 game coming out later this year. I am sadly disappointed that Blizzard announced that Starcraft II will not have a LAN (Local Area Network) option included with it. This leads me to believe that blizzard will put either a fee on the game (let's pray not) or they are sick of third party clients and trying to eliminate them by eliminating the options they utilize. Either way this makes me unsure of purchasing starcraft II. I'd rather go back to playing World of Warcraft!


As Promised here are your links.

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