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Well I have been meaning to update this blog in hopes of attracting more visitors (I really don't know the first thing about attracting visitors to blogs especially in the 3D community). Today i Update! in celebration i am going to drink a liter of vodka and go party and probably get laid tonight. In other news, I am becoming increasingly addicted to and their forums full of help and 3d "ness."

This is Indiana Sacks, for the (extremely late entry) in the game artisans mini challenges, this looked like fun, just did a diffuse for him so far normal, spec, glow etc, to come in a future update.

The cannon update, I updated the texture on the base ( still might change it more).

Updated the textures on the wheels (leaving it i am satisfied)

Still working out what to do for the cannon barrel and what color the hooks will end up being. After I get the cannon situated and happy with itself I am toying with the idea of modeling a pirate ship around the cannons.

Updates on other things:

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