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Today I found the "HOLY GRAIL" of zbrush tutorials.  After downloading dozens of gigabytes worth of videos that later i realized they are so large i cannot more them from one location to another hard drive I found something useful! I came upon these videos while noticing a ZBrush 3.5 advertisement, naturally I was curious on what was new in 3.5.  I visited the Pixologic website in search of the new features but I never got to them last night nor thismorning yet...

What I did discover is that Pixologic hosts free professional quality training videos on ZBrush.  I feel stupid for not locating these earlier (or they could be brand spanking new) in my education.  They really teach you all you could need to know about how to utilize their software. I stumbled upon this vast knowledge and treasure chest of wisdom accidentally and humbly pass it on to my readers!


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