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Lately I feel I have failed miserably at breaking into the video game industry.  I know I have the skills and communication nessecary for almost any position within the world of GD. Here I am going to list the resources I have been going through, maybe through comments or suggestions you can help me or maybe these resources (thinking of Randy Pausch: the Last Lecture here) can help others achieve their dreams. 

I'd think that going straight to the developer would be the best way to go, straight to activision, blizzard, EA, Midway, Interplay, Rockstar, Etc.  I first saw this website and fell in love with the idea at least.  The map has locations that are able to be clicked on and each location has a list of game developers associated with the corresponding location. 

Game Dev Map



Now I will state that I would have hoped my college administration would have done a better job of student job placement (or internships or projects for that matter) but then again i'd have to state that they fell short of themselves in their own standards.  Some students that didn't have final projects completed still passed classes sad to say.  some students that have failed X amount of classes and had to retake the class X amount of times should eventually be kicked out of school for lack of effort. Honestly the school and my former teacher send out as many jobs as he can and I would be afraid that the corruption within the classroom would lead to the alumni as well.  Say that Student 1 and Studnet 0 both apply for the same job, would Student 1 get a more favored opinion from the school's faculty than student 0 because of a personal preference factor from the school? Yes probably and I don't blame the school for trying to make itself look good. At the same time this is crooked behavior and should have attention pointed at it.  Just like the internship deals that were happening when one student who I will not name received his internship through "a teacher's company" before other students even got the approved list of available internships. to put it simple it doesn't feel like i've ever played on a level playing field in this game of life. 

(apologizes now sorry i had to let that out)

With that being said, other great places to find employment seems to be various forums.  CGTalk, GameArtisans, Game-Artist, GameDev, DevMaster, and various other 3d oriented websites

Anyways, I'm looking for any work, may be relocating to the bigger MPLS soon.  General labor, craigslist stuff, web design, Freelance graphic or 3d work would be the greatest. 

If I discover more later I will update, have a peachy day everybody!

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