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This is the order that I personally attack my LOW HARD DRIVE SPACE. Since Brown College partitions the students' hard drives into a small C:\ and a larger D:\ it gets annoying managing them both and I don't feel comfortable merging them into one C partition. 

1. Disk Cleanup
My Computer -> Your Target Drive -> Right click -> Properties -> At the bottom of the new window that opens is a

2. Defragment
My Computer -> Your Target Drive ->Right click -> Properties -> Tools Tab -> Defragment Now
I would like to recommend Auslogics Defragment Program. It is a true gem of defrag programs and runs more efficiently than the Microsoft Defrag from what I can tell.

3. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs
Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Find programs you do not use, or are not necessary and uninstall them.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Windows Components
Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components
NOTE: Some of these are required for internet access.

5. Manage Your Swap File
My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Virtual Memory -> Change -> This is your paging file.  how and where it is set up and also size is all set here.  You usually want to have this somewhere around the size of your ram, you can always let windows manage it by selecting system managed size, otherwise you can relocate it for example a 1152-2048 size swap file from C:\ to D:\
NOTE: if you set this too high or too low you will experience system failure.

6. Registry Cleaner
Download and Run a Registry Cleaner or Registry Cleanup.  Simple as that if you do not know what a registry cleaner is Google it!

7. Archive Files
Go to your "My Documents" or wherever you keep your personal files that you don't use much.  Then select a bunch of the files (prefferebly the ones you do not use often.  You can also do this with porn and other

8. Delete Windows Help Files
These are often unnecessary for an experienced windows user If you are sure you will never need the help files windows provides (for the Operating system not necessarily associated programs unless you use visual studio or other programming applications) besides you can probably Google the information and it will come up. 

I hope these help you in your quest to have a good functioning computer! take heed of the notes and you should be fine!

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