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Today was a challenge; I designed a logo for a person on Craigslist this morning. Then I proceeded to program a bit in TGB. I am having fun with the coding process now it's not as strenuous as it was before in school. Sure it is harder to find help and resources but luckily I was the library assistant for 2 years I know where to locate resources!

I must admit I tried out a product Google recommends called Picasa today and I simply fell in love with it. Despite that it automatically references and categorizes my thousands of human reference photos it's an awesome program. It feels a lot like Adobe Bridge but more fluid within the windows environment.

I also would like to say blogging isn't as easy as I originally intended it to be. It is becoming more and more work each time I glance at the blog but in the long run I could love this, my childlike infatuation with the media and how news spreads I could see myself really getting into blogging especially if I become a teacher or instructor of some sort. There are a lot of tools out there the one's I have been utilizing today are:

I also took a bit of advice and redid some of my signatures on forums etc. I am working more on my grammar and punctuation when posting these just because of the sheer amount of content I would like to put in, I type faster than my pinkies can hit the shift keys so all the I's come out lowercase until MS word. I have to thank Microsoft for a piece of software that works well, and the spellchecker feature is ingenious really.

That is all for now my peeps I’ll be doing and adding more tomorrow!

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