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I recently have been playing with Torque Game Builder (TGB) and Microsoft's XNA game engines, both are fun, I'm finding it easier to utilize Torque game builder probably because I've used it before though.  XNA's programming in C# seems like in the long run it could be easier to produce with. I will post both online when I complete them just for reference, and others to see if they wish, never limit the content of a  blog. 

Torque Game Builder - Breakout Tutorial
The only issue I'm having with this final result is the ball get's stuck on the wall when approaching from an acute angle as far as i can tell. Ball also get's stuck in corners easy and sometimes on unbreakable blocks. I was disappointed to see the tutorial ended but I am creating power ups and other fun features on my own now.

XNA Beginner Tutorial
I have not yet finished this tutorial but i am enjoying it non the less.  XNA and C# Programming is a new thing to me a new adventure in a sense.  I am liking the methods of programming and how well written the notes Microsoft put in the generated code. 

That is it for now I'll post another update soon. 

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