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These are my definitions of the people who have the systems they have and why they have them

Wii: The most enjoyable system ever, exercise while you play, get hot girls to do the hula hoop activity on Wii fit in underwear makes for a good day

XBox360: these people love first person shooters, the 360 has a solid number of good fun enjoyable games that are decently priced along with the system, awesome online multiplayer experience and all in all a solid choice for a gamer to choose this system over the other two based on the games available

PS3: I'm sorry Sony but this thing is for fanatics only still, the system is still 300$+++ on top of that there are very few games that get good ratings since Sony shut game developers out after the ps2. My friend bought a ps3 2 years ago. I’ve only witnessed him play it once or twice during the two years. He bought it for resident evil 5 and that was it, it's a blue ray player for him mainly, or a machine you stick a flash drive into and watch *.avi files on his HDTV, but a XBOX360 can do this function also

PC: true nerds play the pc, I am one of these, I love strategy games and some fps games on the pc, counter strike, Warcraft 3 world of Warcraft, every now and then roller coaster tycoon (cut it's fun to launch people to their death at a theme park) I like modifying games for any system also though, that's why pc is my choice, I have a Radeon x600 mobility and it does me solid far beyond what I would have imagined (I do high end graphics work with 3d applications such as 3dsmax/ZBrush/nVidia composer) and I am satisfied. The newer games will not run on my compupter but I can still make stuff for them. 

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