Rants from a game developer, a guy, a prophet, and well a general person, i may be boring but i find fun stuff from time to time

Adam Savage Speech about Failure – really inspiring stuff here

The best thing about Zombieland is No Facebook Status Updates and Free Parking!

World’s Strongest Man to fight former UFC Champ

My new Deviant Art Submissions:
Just mainly some photographs I snapped today on the First official day that FELT LIKE spring.

Conversation in the courtyard by ~Gephoria on deviantART

Inside the IDS Tower by ~Gephoria on deviantART

Heart of I-94 by ~Gephoria on deviantART

3M Architecture by ~Gephoria on deviantART

Orchestra Hall by ~Gephoria on deviantART

The Bongo Dude by ~Gephoria on deviantART

Cool Architecture by ~Gephoria on deviantART

WaterSkiing Elephant meets ... by ~Gephoria on deviantART

CSS Noob Killer Knife by ~Gephoria on deviantART

This is the noob Killer Knife i made to honor the NoobGalore community and all the fun they represent

Awesome Pictures I found on the Internet recently:

Voltron Girl

Old timer New Party

Olympic Hockey Glory/WTF

I gotta hand it to Canada for their hockey teams, good job canada you've earned a drink, although when I came across this pic I thought WTF why is one good and one bad?

All that the sun touches will be yours one day.

Where the FUCK are my COOKIES!?!?


Nice pictures. There are really great pictures. Its really inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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