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I worked for a friend today, his boss was moving his store from location A to location B.  I helped them pack up clean up the back area that was full of toner and pack up product and dismantle shelves that were previously used at the retail outlet.  I will admit that I was not expecting more than $10.00 per hour for the job.  We took adequate cigarette breaks and well every time I ran out of things to do I always asked for more.  My friend's boss cut me a check for $70.00 for the 7 hours worth of work, a fair trade I thought.  Although my friend mentioned cash in hand at the end of the day.  The following day me and my friend went to the bank the check was made out to.  and to my dismay it's a bad check.  Here this check would have gotten me the essentials to start interviewing again around where I am, public bus fare, laundry money new pair of shoes, but alas that is not the case.  I received a white receipt stating "the funds are not available" from the debtor's banking cartel.  Really leads me to believe that banks run people's lives whether you want them to or not. 

I come home to be star trekked to death.  Once I got home I made a sandwich and started programming away on Unity.  Figuring out the little tweaks and modifications I can do to other's code to make it function for the purpose I'm looking for.  I will get back on that horse when I can.  It is hard for me to concentrate with so much distraction around.  Maybe when and if I can cash that check I will invest $5.00 in a trip to a coffee shop or something to break the cycle.  Ever since my roomate woke up he's been watching Star Trek.  That was about 2:00P.M. yesterday and seriously I don't mind Star Trek, they have some very interesting theories and ship designs and creatures in their made up universe but this marathon is beginning to feel unbearable to me.  I love Patrick Stewart in all of his roles and although I think that Professor Charles Xavier would completely pwn Captain Jeun Luc Picard in a fight, his bald head is really beginning to irritate.  Needless to say that there is also a ton of bad acting in Star Trek from one time show cast members that get invited on.  I'm sitting here enjoying Star Wars the Clone Wars (The Animated Series) with headphones on so that I don't freak out at the moment.  Yay for self management.  After I get done with this blog entry I will call my friend ask him if he heard anything back from his boss, and if nothing else I will go visit a check's cashed place to rectify my financial problem. 

Sleep is valuable I realize, a normal schedule is valuable in the effect that you can barely contact useful people late at night.  this almost feels like a Confucious statement but take it as you may the late night crowd are usually selfish with their time and I realize this now.  I won't post too much info about my room mates I'll have to save some of that for later on because it could be an entertaining story from my perspective. 

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