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This starts out as a unreal tournament style team deathmatch (but to be honest it felt more like counter strike source). the team was stacked on the other side i was on the counter-terrorist force. We were on a level that was composed of two warehouses, to the east of the south and the west of the north was a tricked out army golf cart, to the north of the north and south of the south was a isuzu looking tricked out army truck, and in a cargo container on the east of the north and west of the south were snowmobiles. This whole thing was on a boat and the warehouses from afar looked like fries, a burger, and shake (ATHF). I do not remember going inside the warehouse of fast food as i described it.

it was 16 vs 16, my team was sucking mad dick and half of them were dead when we only got about 4 of the terrorists down. I caught one coming around the corner in the head he was down, threw a flash and went around after it went off, This was key to my success. I went around the corner and cought one guy up close in the chest with 2 shots, and noticed 2 more in the distance on the other side of the boat one was taking cover behind the golf cart and another was behind the building to the right (i went around the west side of the building/bridge(as i'm assuming it was a bridge) i got those two and realized there were about 8 left the remainder of my team wasn't doing half bad. before i know it ther ewas only 3 of them left, i see one go down on my HUD and see my teammate go down shortly after. I ran to the Terrorist side of the map and caught one inbetween the warehouses took him down with a shot to the arm then chest. at least effectively making him incapacitated. I arrived at the T side of the map and started shooting at their golf cart, then effectively the snowmobile in the crate(there was no snow). i noticed their truck, got in and rolled it to the other side of the map at this point there was one terrorist left and he had done the same by shooting up my snowmobile and golf cart. he got in the truck and was playing ring around the rosie with me on the boat around the buildings. i arrived back at my original point on the map and noticed there was a crane coming off of the straw of the shake. i parked the truck underneath it and went for the controls behind where the truck started out. I noticed my truck was gone and got a little worried, but i lowered the crane on top of the truck and destroyed it effectively ending the match and as i'm guessing the last remaining terrorist's life somehow because i never saw him again.

After this I was on the boat, with Mrs. Berkvam my high school and jr. high school dean. i don't know where we were going and the boat felt really magical we were at sea for a couple weeks, surviving off of the burgers fries and shakes in the warehouse. the waves were rough and there was a storm at one point that almost killed us both i think. the boat required very little operation and was covered in astro turf. We arrived at a port that had buildings around it resembling the japanese culture. we got there there was no required passport and I am still unsure why we were there Mrs. Berkvam said she was going there on business and that i could come with. I noticed lots of wierd looking white people populating the port like bats hanging around the batcave after it had been domesticated and turned into a technological wonder.

As we set foot off of the astroturf boat i was greeted by a man who looked black he said "welcome to japan konnichi wa" I responded with "Konnichi Wa Watashi Wa Brent, and thank you" we each bowed to each other in respect and i continued on my way. one white man located abovve us started throwing rubber duckies onto the deck of our ship. I did not think much of this yet

Next I arrived at a great shopping mall, many beautiful japanese women were around and i remember staring in awe at the intricate angelojapense fountains in the middle of the shopping center. I was told by a short japanese male security guard to walk on the left side of the path instead of the right. I was looking up and there was transparent glass and what appeared inside to be a tattoo and body modification parlor. We happened upon a cafeteria and I noticed a white guy by the name of Charlie packard at a laptop, I have a curse that if i see a computer i have to identify something about it, he was running rosetta stone. I complimented him on it and asked him how thank you is said in japanese, he responded with domo or arigato, which i confirmed this morning and is correct. I bowed to him and said arigato. I came upon a businessman that happened upon me and paid me $$$ for some unknown reason maybe for his own karma and mine i am unsure i thanked him with domo arigato and he bowed graciously and kissed my hand upon kneeling on the ground.

At this point i still felt like an alien to the place, There was a train where the fountains were behind me, this train had a bunch of retail goods on it car after car, it resembled a child's ride at a carnival but a small bit larger, these train cars were each filled with retail items, one with balls of all kinds, one with jewelery one with food and sandwiches, all of the goods looked good, i wanted to browse it but i began running on the right side of the train's direction, i realized after a short period that i would have to run as fast as i could to catch up with it even to look closer at the items. I stopped realizing it is more than likely disrespectful to run on the wrong side of the traffic lane in the mall. I went up to the second floor the check out the tattoo parlors and hair salon's whatnot was up there. the second floor was all body modification/oxygen bar/bar/other wierd places where the only product was something that would change your look possibly forever. there was a marijuana bar that a handful of japanese executives were smoking at, i poked my head in the room and caught a small contact high. one of the businessmen waved at me motioning to come in and entereth the bar he would cover me I told him hai that means yes, and shook my head no, said arigato and left on my way. feeling like i confused the poor man with my japanenglish i walked back out to where the boat was held at port

Upon walking out there i noticed there were alot more rubber duckied being showered on the boat, i cleared some off and the guy up above throwing them down shook his fist at me. I noticed the black guy from earlier but he looked whiter for some reason. He said "Do you need some scales?"

I replied with "thank you but no thanks" knowing he knew english, he kept trying to push them off onto me like some sort of drug that teens would get high on I thought to myself maybe that's the cool thing in japan. Upon closer examination of his face his eye up to his eyebrow over to his temple and down to his mouth on the left side were all covered in scales, fish scales almost or maybe reptilian. I asked him about them, said it looks cool and he should get the other half of his black-white face done in them. He concured and told the guy up above to stop throwing rubber duckies down at us and my boat. Mrs.Berkvam came back and left on the boat, leaving me at port in japan to start what essentially felt like a new life.

The dream last night was halfway interpretable, but this one i have no idea on lol...

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